Wednesday, January 10, 2007

curses on those children's librarians and their picture book displays

because i stumble across so many lovely books like Lucia and the Light by Phyllis Root (illustrated by the most talented Mary Grandpré) that i then simply must possess!
Lucia and the Light is inspired by Nordic lore and is set in the mountains of the Far North (and of course the cold, cold, dark, dark winter) which is made even darker and colder by the fact that the sun has gone away. Lucia can stand it no more and decides she will go in search of the sun though her grandmother warns of trolls.
When she opens the door to leave, her loyal (i stress this word, because yes, it is possible for creatures of the feline persuasion to possess this trait) and beautiful milk-white cat "jumped from the windowsill into her hood and went out into the swirling snow with her. Lucia was glad for the company and the warmth of the milk-white cat around her neck."
Lucia laboriously skied her way up the mountain and met the inevitable trolls who threatened to eat her up. But the beautiful and brave milk-white cat saves the day in the end. to learn how you must (absolutely must) pick up this enticing and oh-so-alluring book for yourself!

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