Sunday, January 21, 2007

"You mean it's been consensual all this time? Well, Damn, where's the fun in that?"

okay, this story is just all kinds of sick and wrong:
"12-year-old' is 29-year-old sex offender"
Story Highlights:
• Ex-convict tried to enroll in Arizona charter school, police say
• Man also cons sex partners into believing he's underage, police say
• Four charged with fraud, forgery, identity theft, failure to register
Neil H. Rodreick II fooled two men he was having sex with into believing he was 12 years old, police say.
But this particular part i found rather humorous, here are these two guys who have met a guy over the Internet they believe is twelve years old and they invite him to come into their home; live with them; have sex with them; register him for school so that he may lure and procure new boys for them, and then they find out he is actually 29 years old:
"(Lonnie) Stiffler (61~who had pretended to be Rodreick's grandfather when registering him for school) and Robert James Snow, 43, "were very upset when the detectives told them they had been having a sexual relationship with a 29-year-old man and not a pre-teen boy," Quayle said."
That's okay guys, you're still going to prison.


Nesmuth said...

It's a twisted world out there.

YoSafBridg said...

isn't it, though?
and i fear it's just getting more and more twisted all the time.