Sunday, January 21, 2007

we should all aspire to such audacity

It's funny how when you read someone whose views are quite similar to your own they often seem to be so very wise (as opposed to someone whose views are so very contrary to your own.) So, admittedly biased, i suppose it is not all that surprising that i found Barack Obama inspiring and that he presented many good ideas in his new book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. Although it can sometimes read like his prologue for a presidential bid (and perhaps that is exactly what it is) i believe we end up with worse (and certainly have), i also sense sincerity, enthusiasm, and the hope of the title in his words. He discusses his views on partisan politics, constitutional law, games politicians play (the games they must play and those they might avoid), values, faith, race, opportunity (whether the American dream can still survive), and family. He seems to be a very engaging man. And the book and his ideas are definitely worth a read and deep consideration~i think by every American, regardless of political leaning.
While his constituents worried that he would go off to Washington, get caught up in politics, become jaded, and start acting like, well a politician~that doesn't seem to come across in his writing~or else he has mastered the art of diplomacy, like a true master in the art of politics (after all he was editor of the Harvard Law Review) but like i said, i sense sincerity in him. As for becoming jaded or losing his hope that the American dream is still possible, "I don't linger on such thoughts, though--they are the thoughts of an old man." He still seems to have a great deal of youthful energy to accomplish much.
As you may or may not or noticed, my primary vote lies with another democrat~i've been waiting for the John Edwards campaign since the 2004 election (and i wasn't a HUGE fan of Kerry's saw him as a better alternative). Edwards had somehow not been on my radar before the presidential campaign but as i watched the vice presidential debates i decided that i wanted him as MY presidential candidate because i want someone who can actually BE Elected (and after that terrible, terrible debacle of 2000 which i refuse to talk about because it is SO very depressing...)
Hillary's out, because although i personally don't mind her, and she was quite nice when i met her at that signing at my bookstore (right~the store was crawling with secret service she was actually still the First Lady~what a different world it was then), she is still hated by many, and, in a sense, an easterner. And Obama, i'd love to see it, i'm not sure the rest of America is ready yet...

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