Thursday, January 25, 2007

My name is YoSafBridg and i'm a . . .

. . . picture book addict. This problem seems to hit especially hard in winter, when all these cute little cuddly animals appear wanting to cozy up, calling out to me, with their seductive siren songs. I ask you, what's a weak little librarian, like me to do?
There i was today, innocently walking past the picture book display when this adorable little hedgehog (an animal i have always wanted to adopt by the by, unfortunately the cats will not allow me to do so) unavoidably beckons to me from the cover of One Winter's Day (a touch and feel book) by M. Christina Butler and illustrated by Tina Macnaughton.
This is an incredibly cute book as the little hedgehog makes his way through the woods once the wind blows his nest away, playing good Samaritan to every poor little creature he meets. Of course there is a moral (well not really a moral~but it does show that being kind and sweet and selfless and all that will reward you with good karma~maybe saying that life is fair even when we all know that it really isn't) at the end and again i question the wisdom of over-adorableness of wild animals in tales for children but this one just wins over that "awe" factor in me (and tells that cynic to go sulk in the corner for a while).
What can i say?

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