Monday, January 29, 2007

Where were you when the couch broke?

I was hanging out with all three of the kitties. It was New Year’s Day night, we were on the couch (which is a metal futon) which was out in its bed form (and had been that way for i don't know how long~i had pulled it out once when i was feeling WAY bad and i guess i just never got to feeling much better) when we heard a large clanging/banging sound and CRASH we all went B*O*O*M (and the cats all scattered.)
Now my couch did not look like the one in the picture because it was not all bent out of shape~it was just that many of the bolts had fallen out. It had been given me signals that such an event was imminent for quite some time~making certain creaking noises and such and i had half-heartedly tried tightening the bolts but apparently it did not do enough.
So the point is, that on New Year's my couch broke and at that time i gingerly climbed off of it and decided that it was time to move out of the living room because i didn't want to deal with it at the time. So i went down to the basement to watch the TV down there, and for the next week or so spent much more time in my bedroom and kitchen than i have for quite some time (it confused the cats mightily~"what, we're not living in the living room anymore?"). Things continued to pile up in the living room (and, even more importantly, programs continued to pile up on the living room dvr), my migraines continued to scream at me, i continued to ignore it all.
Last week i got the cover off of the futon to wash it. Today, my mom came over and fixed all the bolts under my (very helpful) supervision. It is very nice to have a couch and a living room again (and it hasn't been an entire month~yet).
Sometimes i really hate this feeling that i can't do much of anything and i wonder how much of it i put on myself, but then when i do try to do something and i am punished for it i know i don't really put it on myself.
oh well, baby steps, as they say (whoever "they" are).

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