Sunday, January 28, 2007

not for the faint of heart

Although the title might be give-away enough, Queer Fear: gay horror fiction edited and with an introduction by Michael Rowe is not for everyone. Like all short story collections the quality of the stories tends to be somewhat uneven, and some of them include graphic sex, violence, and horror (but what do you expect?). If you're willing to take it on, they make for nice little stories to read as breaks between the other books you may be reading (at least that's what i was doing this month.)
My favorites in the collection included Little Holocausts, a beautifully told tale, by Brian Hodge, The Sound of Weeping (set in a morgue) by Thomas S. Roche, Hey Fairy (about an actual fairy who has had enough) by Edo Van Belkom, Genius Loci (a ghost story) by Becky Southwell, and Nestle's Revenge by Ron Oliver (reminds me a little of David Sedaris if he decided to go the murderous route). Goodbye by Michael Thomas Ford was an absolutely wonderful and very touching story but i'm not sure why it was in this collection. Caitlin R. Kiernan's Spindleshanks (New Orleans, 1956) seemed to go nowhere, and David Quinn's The Perpetual was a bit too much (even for me) it seemed to be written to appeal to the prurient serial killer inside the reader and i don't think that's in me. And Nancy Kilpatrick's No Silent Scream was ALMOST like just another day in my life (now that's really scary!)
Just a thought i had as i was reading: if we heterosexuals choose not to expose ourselves to certain lifestyles that is certainly our prerogative, but where does that leave the other ten percent of the population who literally has our lifestyle flung in their faces on a daily basis?

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