Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alice down the hellmouth

Okay, so i've already admitted my Buffy addiction--you know every once in a while i'm going to have to read one of the Buffy books (after all i own all--or at least most--of them). One of the latest to come out is Go Ask Malice: A Slayer's Diary by Joseph Gordon Levy which is purportedly Faith's diary from shortly before she is called as vampire slayer. Like most of the Buffy series this is a YA novel and is a quick and easy read. It faithfully (sorry but i just had to do it) follows Buffyverse cannon plus adding interesting details to Faith's history. I thought it was actually fairly well written and i loved the additional (rabbit, rabbit) surrealistic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland allusions (Alice being the inspiration for Jefferson Airplane's song White Rabbit which was the inspiration for the original "diary".)
So if you're a Buffy fan pick it up and see if you agree with me.

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