Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mother issues, Father issues; what's a girl to do?

i was just reading my blog and noticing that i was having mamma trauma right around Mother's Day so i suppose it's only appropriate that i should have Father issues right around Father's Day, correct?
Actually the paternal issues are quite more predictable because any contact with the Dad means ISSUES if communication with mom is fraught with trouble communication with dad is non-existent and usually means "dis-inheritance" since he doesn't have anything else to seem to retreat to.
Anyway, after having Sent his father's day gift, in order to avoid The Telephone Conversation he called and left a message wanting to talk to me--i had my mother call him as i was working every night and would not be able to talk to him and did not want him to think i was avoiding him.
When i finally tried calling him i got his wife on the phone and asked her to have him call me back on my mom's number (my cellphone was not working well and as i have no land line and my mom who lives next door has a cordless which operates at my house) the "evil stepmother" said okay, so i wait for a phone call which never comes...
After a few days i get a letter saying he never called me back because i did not ask for him and because it was obvious my mother was meddling in all of his affairs.
So i dutifully try again on my breaking up cellphone--this time my stepmother tells me to try another time because they have company....

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