Tuesday, June 20, 2006

and what is your long-term strategic plan???

Supposedly this was The In Thing in library administrative/management planning about ten to fifteen years ago according to one of the listservs that i am on so it only makes sense that our library system is doing it now (and now that they mention it--i do remember the whole SWOT thing from library school--god, was it really a decade ago--more on SWOT later if i have the patience/fortitude).
So anyway, now they've had the community planning meetings and now we have to meet as individual libraries and decide within the specific areas that the community has laid out for us what our library's goals are. One meeting per week, very dictated form--Can you say FUN? (i can--it's my new mantra--i say it over and over and over and over again, silently inside my head)
Why is it (or so it seems) whenever someone comes up with a good idea groups of people get a hold of that idea and tweak it until it becomes a wearisome "Management Technique"?

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