Sunday, June 04, 2006

WHERE do we learn to hate?

Stumbled across the movie Foreign Student the other day on cable. It was a sweet, sentimental movie, set in the 1950s in the South, baby-faced cutie Marco Hofschneider plays a French foreign exchange student named Philip who falls in love with a black teacher named April (played by a pre-Mike Tyson Robin Givens). Foreign Student also features Charlotte Ross (in a somewhat multi-personality role) and Rick Johnson who absolutely shines. It is almost a stranger in a strange land kind of plot as the European Philip has absolutely no understanding of the racial (beyond) tensions America has going down. This movie has a very interesting perspective and is very easy to watch. It might make you think, (it brought up a few questions in my mind) but it definitely doesn't shove anything down your throat--and i think you have to come up with your own questions the' the movie makers may have had something else in mind it does seem a bit youthful and wistful). I would recommend this film as something to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Of course another movie you MUST see (but not something that i would call Easy to watch) is American History X featuring Edward Norton, Avery Brooks, Edward Furlong, and Beverly D'Angelo. If you've never seen this movie it is an absolute must (although interestingly enough neo-nazi's and skin-head white separatists absolutely love to check it out from the library--they seem to be missing the ultimate point--oh well what can we do...)

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