Sunday, June 04, 2006

still spinning

Spin State is a first novel by Chris Moriarty. I am not a quantum physicist while apparently Moriarty is or at least he/she (gender is questionable because reviews refer to Chris as both, I believe he is a man but i really don't know) or at least reads the material and understands it so when Moriarty writes about it the explanation is not always there. This is HARD cyberpunk scifi, which is not my usual flavor, but if i just let a little of the jargon slide and tried to get past my usual obsession to try and understand every word and went with the story, i actually found it quite enjoyable. Overall a good debut, i think i'm looking forward to more, though i believe i would have to read it sandwiched between some things a little more my style (like that's really a problem--book addict that i am)

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