Friday, June 02, 2006

like i really need to read another cat book--let alone a kitten book...

Demetra is officially beyond the kitten stage (though she often seems to think she's still a kitten--or sometimes even seems to suffer species confusion and act like puppy), but somehow i couldn't resist. I keep threatening to write my own cat book someday--or rather ghostwrite a catbook with the three resident feline experts, so i guess i can call it research. Anyway this book: Complete Kitten Care by Amy D. Shojai is very well written and does have some new tips to offer, although i don't agree with everything she has to say (she recommends purebreds over mutts because there health is often better, although she does talk about researching responsible breeders versus kitten mills she seems to think you can not get a purebred from a shelter or know history if you pick up a shelter kitten {and i question the validity of purebreds being healthier considering the health problems associated with inbreeding, but whatever...}--which is not always true and in this world of way too many unwanted animals put to death i must advocate shelters.) Overall there were more positive points than negative and i think i might need to add this one to my already swollen collection.

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